Morocco e-Visa Requirements

Travelers must fill out an application form for a visa, attach the required documents and pay the fee.

Requirements for an online visa to Morocco

The Morocco e-Visa requirements define which regulations a traveler must comply with in order to apply for a Morocco visa online.

Citizens of eligible foreign countries must collect all the documents required for submitting the Morocco online visa application. They include a valid passport, face photo, proof of income, return/onward ticket, and a visa, if applicable.

Applicants must additionally have a device that they can use to apply, a stable internet connection, a means to make online payment, and an email address.

Researching Morocco e-Visa requirements is an essential part of planning an international trip to Morocco. Knowing the requirements for a Morocco electronic visa, a traveler can prepare for the application process in a better way and ensure that the application will be approved with no issues.

Apply for Morocco e-Visa
morocco e-visa requirements

Proper documentation

One of the most important requirements to meet is to gather the proper documentation:

  • an ordinary passport that does not expire within at least 3 months from arrival
  • a photograph of the applicant’s face
  • a return/onward ticket
  • proof of financial income
  • a visa (if required*)

*To be eligible for a Morocco electronic visa, citizens of the majority of countries must:

  • have resided in the USA, Canada, the EU, the UK, Switzerland, Japan, New Zealand, and Australia for 6 months or a more extended period
  • be a resident of the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand with a Schengen visa valid for a minimum of 6 months

Important: Citizens of India, Israel, Thailand, Azerbaijan, Guatemala, and Jordan are not required to have an online visa to Morocco.

The digital copies of the documents must be clear and show all the necessary details. They can be made either by scanning physical documents or by taking photos.

Additional requirements

Moreover, persons willing to apply for a Morocco visa online must follow the technical requirements and have:

  • a working device such as a PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet
  • stable internet connection
  • an online payment method
  • a current email address

Processing time

The processing time for a Morocco electronic visa differs for every application. Normally, applicants who use our services get approvals within several business days.

Delays may happen in case of technical issues, high volume of applications received, or mistakes in the form made by an applicant.

As errors and incomplete information require corrections, the processing time will be extended. Check your email address regularly to see if you need to provide any additional details or documents, and try to reply as soon as possible.

However, before submitting, ensure your application contains only relevant and correct information. This will minimaze delays and and avoid visa refusal.