Morocco e-Visa Application Process

Travelers must fill out an application form for a visa, attach the required documents and pay the fee.

Morocco online visa application process

The application process for a Morocco e-Visa is easy and speedy. You can choose any place to complete your application, as long as there is internet - for example, your home, library, or coffee shop.

Prepare the copies of the required documents, and start the Morocco e-Visa application procedure by clicking on the ‘Apply Online’ button:

  1. Provide your travel, personal, and contact information. Make sure it does not contain any typos or mistakes.
  2. Attach the supporting documentation. The digital copies of documents must show all the relevant data.
  3. Complete online payment. The fees must be covered with a debit/credit card or PayPal.

Once your payment is confirmed, an ID code of your application will be sent to your email address. Share it with our support specialists to know which status your application has at the moment.

The approved electronic visa to Morocco is also delivered to the email address. Save it onto your device and make a paper copy, as it will be required by the immigration officer upon your arrival in Morocco.

Apply for Morocco e-Visa
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Necessary documents

In order to apply for a Morocco visa online, an applicant must upload certain documents:

  • an ordinary passport with a minimal validity of 3 months from the intended date of travel
  • the applicant's face photo
  • a return/onward ticket
  • adequate financial means proof
  • a visa (if applicable*)

*In order to apply for an e-Visa to Morocco, nationals of most eligible countries must satisfy one of the following requirements:

  • They have resided in the USA, Canada, the EU, the UK, Switzerland, Japan, New Zealand, and Australia for 6 months or a more extended period
  • You are a resident of the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand with a Schengen visa with at least 3-month validity

Important: Citizens of India, Israel, Thailand, Azerbaijan, Guatemala, and Jordan are exempt from the aforesaid visa requirement.

You may take photos of your documents using a phone or a laptop web camera. It is also possible to use a scanner to make digital copies.

Processing time

Keep in mind that each application is different and requires a different amount of time to be processed. Our customers usually get their Morocco electronic visas approved within a few business days of submitting the application.

Still, processing time can vary for a range of reasons:

  • how many applications are under processing by the Moroccan authorities
  • whether the information in your application is complete and error-free
  • whether the government website is functioning correctly
  • when the application was submitted: national and bank holidays in Morocco may extend the duration of processing

Apply at least several business days before the start of your trip to Morocco. If you apply in advance, you will have the approved Moroccan e-Visa on hand at the entry port, even in case of delays.